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About Us

North Eastern Victoria has arguably the best Beer and Spirit producers in Australia. Our artisans are passionate, and incredibly skilled at production.
 However, while our artisans are amazing at bottling pure gold, there are challenges that come with getting their bottled gold to those who want it most.

Rohan Webb founded North East Cellar Doors in the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic as a way to move beer out of a locked down bar to the local community of Mansfield, Vic and beyond.
Pictured: Ro in his happy place

After the success of this pilot program, Rohan was sponsored to join the first Startup Shakeup North East Vic. incubator program with 10 other innovators and shake ups in 2021.

North East Cellar Doors positions itself as a binding agent for producers. To centralise marketing, distribution and freight using a blend of smart distribution centre technology and traditional relationship building to bond this already tight knit community together. The result will create a world-renowned produce region that will serve as a key economic driver in North East Victoria - creating jobs and most importantly, more amazing beer and spirits!

We are driven by collaboration and firmly believe that we can achieve much more together than we can apart. So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to experience Australia's best beer and spirit region?