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The Boilermaker Box
The Boilermaker Box
The Boilermaker Box

The Boilermaker Box

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A Boilermaker is traditionally a shot of whiskey with a beer chaser - what better way to experience some of the best produce we have to offer?

This Boilermaker Box contains 4 unbeatable beers paired with one stunning Whiskey from the best beer and spirit region in Australia - North East Victoria.


Curated especially by North East Cellar Doors.

This Box includes:

1x 500ml - Kinglake Distillery - O'Gradys Stand


4x specially selected beers from North East Victoria.

Handmade in Kinglake, this superb single malt is made from a mountain stream rising on the distillery property. It’s natural, pure and totally unfiltered. 80% of the barley is farmed and malted in New South Wales and each grower is known to the distiller personally.

Bourbon, port and sherry barrels are all individually re-coopered to Kinglake Distillery's requirements. These smaller casks are perfectly suited to ageing conditions in the Kinglake Ranges.


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